It’s Autumn!! This is a time when the air is crisp, the leaves turn color, and there is a sense of rejuvenation all around us.
It is also a huge transitional time for us. Our children go back to school. We get an urge to clean out closets, do other major cleaning, harvest our gardens, or plant bulbs for the spring. There is lots of activity that can be exciting and refreshing.

This is also an important transitional times for our bodies. Days are getting shorter and temperatures are cooling down. It is important that we take time to get adequate rest and relaxation during this time of transition. The tendency is to pile up our calendars with sports and school events, get togethers with family and friends etc. It may seem counter intuitive to think about getting quiet and rest but it is essential to maintain health and well being. autumn

Ayurvedic teachers advise us to eat warm soups, root vegetables, and sip herbal tea as we get our bodies prepared for the winter months. They also tell us to dress warm and to try not to chill the body. Luckily if we don’t have time to make our own soups, there are excellent prepared soups in most local supermarkets.

Honoring our bodies is part of all around mental and physical health. If we feel good in our bodies, it will help us feel good emotionally and vice verse. So, enjoy the changing of the seasons and honor your self at the same time! YOU deserve it!!