How Core Beliefs Can Sabotage Our Well Being

Many people practice saying daily affirmations and then wonder why they are not getting what they believe they truly want.The reason could be that each of us has basic core beliefs that heavily influence what it is we are trying to create in our own lives. Psychologists have been examining this for decades. Over the years this core belief has been called many things. Some of the terms you may have heard of include: constructs, paradigms, narratives, and negative cognitions. Essentially all these terms describe the same thing: which is that unique core belief or beliefs  that we unconsciously organize our lives around.

Some of the most common negative core beliefs that I have heard include: “I don’t deserve to be happy, healthy, or loved. I am not worth it. I am not enough, and I am not safe.” When these inner beliefs are in operation, they will often trump what we think we want in life.  The goal then is to identify what core beliefs are getting in your way and then learn how to change your belief system so that you can be free to have what you are wishing for. For many, this is a fundamental place to start therapy. If you believe that negative core beliefs are getting in your way, please feel free to contact me so we can begin the work of providing you with a richer, fuller, life.