Am I suffering from trauma?

It seems that all around us, we hear about people who have gone through horrendous situations in their lives. Victims of violent crime, survivors of the casualties of war, or of a plane crash, would be expected to have understandable traumatic responses to such experiences.

Many of us however are suffering from trauma that wasn’t as dramatic but has left a significant impact to our psyches. Often, we suffer in silence, get misdiagnosed, and often think there is something frighteningly wrong with us. Some examples of potential lower level traumatic experiences include moving to a new location, growing up in a dysfunctional environment, experiencing constant stress at work, or ongoing insecurity in a significant relationship. Mental health professionals often refer to this lower level of trauma as “small ‘t’ trauma.”

In most cases, we are able to cope with these sorts of situations with a minimum amount of stress or consequence to our mind and body. However, for various reasons, we sometimes are not so resilient. We may be plagued with anxiety or obsessive thoughts. We may start having recurring stress dreams. Or we may start having unexplained physical symptoms.

If symptoms such as these do not abate after an appropriate amount of time, it may be that you are suffering from “small ‘t’ trauma” and may need to get some professional intervention. EMDR is very effective for this and can help relieve symptoms. To learn more about how EMDR can help or to discuss whether or not there is some unresolved trauma getting in the way of healthy functioning, feel free to call me at 302-475-7555. Best wishes for your excellent health!!