Why I consider myself a couples-friendly therapist

There are many individually-oriented therapists that do couples counseling. The problem with this is that often for a couple to resolve conflict, learn healthy communication skills, heal from past arguments and emotional wounding that comes from those arguments, each partner might have to consider not only what is best for them as an individual, but what is healthy for the relationship. As a couples friendly therapist, I will help both partners find compromise, and create and honor the “we” in the relationship rather than the “me.” Many people come into counseling hoping that I will “side” with them and “blame” the other. As a specialist in couples counseling with over 25 years of experience, I will look at the relationship as a system that needs repair and help the couple see how together they co-created the difficulty at hand and how as a “team” they can find a solution that works best for them.

Many of my clients have reported that they had been to other couples therapists to resolve their difficulties but were unable to make progress and change until working with me. Couples have also remarked that not only have they learned how to be healthy and happy together, but on how much they learned about themselves.